The Willpower & Resiliency Course


Inspiration follows action…

Have you ever felt that painful gap between what you do and what you wish you did? Actions are easy when we are motivated and our challenge is new. Motivation wanes, however, and the majority of people give in to procrastination, impulse, and a world seemingly hell-bent on keeping us comfortably stagnant. 

We wish to act boldly! Delayed gratification and adaptability have always been the chief characteristics of our most successful. In our ever-changing, impulse-laden world nothing will determine our ability to thrive as much as the skills of Willpower and Resiliency.

The good news is, as all skills, these are trainable qualities that we can work to improve.

In this course you will:

  • Identify a vivid purpose that pulls you towards consistent action

  • Hack your habits and learn how to replace better ones

  • Learn specific practices to train the willpower muscle

  • Create structures to eliminate distraction and promote right action

  • Create a personalized approach to daily action and personal accountability

  • Train yourself for better focus and mental clarity

  • Quiet the voice of over-reaction so you can best observe and adapt to new possibilities

  • Define goals and create an action plan that you dominate

Get all this and more for only $39.00 or become a member to get ALL courses and more for only $7/month.

Every change you want to see is assisted by a greater reserve of willpower. Every pursuit worth exploring will face challenges that require a flexible mind and resilient spirit. This essential course is worth coming back to time and time again.