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At heart we are an education system. Education should seek to be the authority in human development. Information has never been more available, yet we see absurdly high tuition rates and a superficial information overload leaving most less prepared. The current educational path does little to explore the deep issues of our time, or create thriving humans. IHD strives to offer that educational path via an online training system featuring group online sessions. There are inherent limitations of these means. As this grows our true dream is to offer an immersive, multi-week training experience retreat. This would unlock a more advanced, deep training where a truly transformative process would take root. Relationships based in strong values would lead the way to an inspired, boundless life. For truly impactful change, we must create a community. Help us spread the word!

 In addition to our online sessions we have an extensive library of writings and resources, the IHD Book List, and the Blog. This is your one stop shop for all the best developmental strategies and most necessary/core information for living your best life. 



Explore our Resources, Blog, and Collection of Works

This has been our passion for some time. We've written so much on the essential practices, essential lessons, and the challenges we must help solve. This is where we Outline the lessons, vision, and actions necessary to experience the depth of Life You Were Meant to Live. It's time you thrive!



Experience the Transformative education we should all have, with us as your guide.

Join our online training program for education that truly changes your perceptions, actions, and emotions. Live more fully; attack each day with enthusiasm; see possibility in each challenge and learn to think outside the box. Join a community dedicated to questioning norms, living values, and embracing our nature to find a heroic power. Its time to take action. Let's Go!