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Our Mission

To offer the human development training program that will truly best prepare you to live your greatest life. We offer the education that spurs transformation of mind, body, and spirit. We bring you a training path that creates the habits, mindset, and lessons that bring about a truly fulfilled, empowered life of growth, contribution, and boundless possibility. It's said that it takes a village to raise a child. We seek to offer what our village's education path won't. We provide the "True Core" that every human should have to live, thrive, and create our most fulfilled communities. We will actively provide strategies and alternatives to the tremendously unhealthy and unfulfilling trends society perpetuates. We'll clarify the best methods and practices for development and lifelong learning. We will explore the wisdom of ages- from Stoicism to Dale Carnegie, from Greek Physical Culture to Tony Robbins, from Essentialism to Carol Dweck. We will be what human development should be.

What We Do:

We are an education system dedicated to revealing the practices that induce human thriving in a world increasingly hostile to those needs and practices. We are your source for education and developmental methods that honor your human nature and respect the science of how you thrive. In our resources section, we provide all the information necessary to navigate parenting, health, fitness, and the needs for a passionate purpose-driven career. We warn you of environmental manipulators who incite patterns that do not serve you and clarify the path to habits and behaviors that promote fulfillment and human thriving. The blog addresses the needs of each of us, the path, and the social threats to our greatest lives, while promoting a vision of communities guided by a commitment to human fulfillment. The True Core, offers an interactive webinar based learning community where we teach the lessons essential to human fulfillment! At our Services page, we offer both Home Based and Gym Based Online Training and the Inspired Lifestyle Consultation for a transformative look at how to make lasting impactful change. . 

What We Believe: 

Our world is increasingly unhealthy and hostile to the conditions of optimal human development. Obesity and preventable health diseases are growing at epidemic rates. Depression, anxiety, ADHD, suicide rates are at landmark levels and growing. Our physical, mental, and emotional health has never been worse and education is the only path to combat this standard model. Our community problems stem from not respecting our nature, chiefly, our natural inclinations for movement, nutritious food, purpose, and time outdoors away from digital stimulation. Mental health and physical health cannot be conceived of separately. To reach our greatest heights we cannot continue to educate in this reductionist manner. We should seek to train the whole person with an understanding of the inseparable dependency of our physical, emotional, and mental states. We thrive in purpose driven community's where our creativity is stoked and our bodies move naturally and experience the nourishment of whole foods. Each day these essential components of human thriving become less available and, until now, there is no source to clarify those common paths that do not serve us, and guide us towards the conditions for human thriving. 

We Should be heroes. It's within us All

So much of society's current education is outdated and hand-cuffed by a toxic desire not to offend anyone. Victimhood is sought after, poor health is entrenched, and the truly impactful lessons are neglected. Meanwhile, our sedentary schools invest heavily in rote memorization and an outdated core, built for a far less fluid world. The science of success is ignored. The groundbreaking methods of our most successful are rarely accessed. Schools lower expectations to give away what was once valued. We Must Be Willing to Stand For Something. Humans evolved to thrive as brave bands of men and women united behind a quest to survive and thrive. Humans were made to be Heroic! We've lost that sense of Solidarity, Community, & Purpose. Our angst stems from not realizing this Heroic Potential and not living in harmony with our nature.

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The most important attitude that can be formed is that of desire to go on learning.
— John Dewey, American Education Reformer

What Should Education Be?

The opportunity of education is to create habits, skills, and mindsets that transform our world and open our eyes to endless possibility. What should schools be? Education should stir our spirit.

Where should your education focus? What's your life purpose? Have you mastered your body? Our intellectual capacity, our creative spark, our emotional stability are all deeply rooted in our natural inclinations to move and physically thrive. Yet, our nation faces epidemic poor health  and crippling lifestyle limitations. Have you mastered your mind? There are depressed billionaires, joyful beggars, and everything between. What have you learned about who you are, what creates emotional intelligence, and how to create a dynamic, inspired mindset?


  • What is your code? How do you find fulfillment? How do you manage money and does that bring fulfillment? Do you read? Are you ready to create the life you want or do you feel stuck playing within other people's rule? 

    The Bold Spirit is an Education System to Create Inspired Lives and People Ready to Change the World.We build our lessons to be of the most timeless wisdom and timely directives. At the core is a true understanding of the science of fulfillment and personal development along with a nuanced understanding of our world's greatest developmental hurdles.

    This is what your educational experience should be. These ideas, these lessons, these practices- will change you.