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Where to even begin…

We have written a lot and it can be daunting to decide where to begin. We’ve put together a list of our most popular articles or those that have been most impactful to our readers and subscribers.

We’ve listed the best articles from three different categories: Personal Growth, Culture, Practical Guidance, and included a few of our personal favorites.

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best articles by category


Understanding Where Your Personality Comes From - Your personality is a form of habit. Thoughts, beliefs, and values are great, but we are what we do.

Face Your Fear - Shane’s accounting of his struggles with OCD and path to overcoming it. This is the most emotionally engaging article on this site and it offers invaluable wisdom throughout his story.

Escape the Reactive Potential of Strong Negative Emotion - What life altering things might you say or do the next time you are in a swirl of negative emotion? How long will you stay in this state?

Free Yourself from the Religion of Consumption - A sober look at the unfettered consumption that now rages rampant in this country and around the world.

Creating Your Own AWEsome Rite of Passage in the Modern World - How to replace the greatest missing element from life in the modern world.

The Basis of Bullshit: Bias, Logical Fallacy, and Our Imperfect Perceptions - Learn to spot and overcome your natural tendency to be completely full of shit.


Wrong Thinking - The modern university system is incentivizing thought patterns to leave kids depressed, anxious, entitled, and incredibly ill-suited to create a fulfilling life.

Enough With the Ceremonies! Can We Just Be Real? - The title says it all. Let’s end this trend of artificiality.

Auto-Immunity and Social Justice: When Good Intentions Betray Our Own Cultural Body - The social-justice-warrior movement is an auto-immune disorder for our country, seeking to destroy the very mechanisms that create a healthy country.

John Henry, Automation, and the Future of Human Usefulness - Automation is slowly making humans obsolete. We can seize this as an opportunity or allow it to further destroy our mental, physical, and emotional health.

The Costs of Utopian Delusions - Our cultural operating system tends to be geared towards the delusion that we can create utopia. These efforts are not benign. As Shane explains, the costs of creating a world where bad things can never happen are far greater than the benefits.

Education: Where Even the Winners Lose - Justin’s accounting of his personal experience through public school and an engineering degree. How to lose while achieving every measure of “winning.”

Judgment, Integrity, and Moral Courage - You don’t need to be evil to do evil things. The greatest moral obligation that we have is to think outside the group.


Why You Need to Daily Journal and How to Make it Easy - We consider journaling the “4th” IHD core habit. Here’s why you need to try it and some tools to make it simple and easy.

The Only Diet That Works - The only diet that works is not a strict diet at all. Screw specific methods, here are the principles of healthy nutrition and how to incorporate them into your life.

Oversized and Undersized Goals - Goals don’t always have to be perfectly suited to our abilities, sometimes we need to take on challenges both way-too-easy and way-too-hard.

Is College Worth It? - An honest pro/con, cost/benefit discussion of the traditional university model in the modern world.

Choice Architecture and Environmental Design - Healthy choices and positive lifestyle habits do not require superhuman willpower. Simple tweaks can bring profound life changes.

Creating the Life Skill of Delayed Gratification - Psychological research identifies the greatest predictor of success as the ability to delay gratification. This is a practical guide to honing this ability.


Justin’s Favorite “Shane” Articles

Transformative Experience: Changing Thoughts and Feelings Through Action - Much more than a favorite, this is possibly Shane’s best work, objectively speaking. Better than any other piece on this site, this captures our goals for IHD.

Principled Sacrifice - This is another amazing manifesto about what is truly important in life and how the modern world seems to be leaving it behind.

Shane’s Favorite “Justin” Articles

What Exactly are Your Rights? - We are all so obsessed with our rights in this country, but what exactly are you actually entitled to? This article defines positive vs. negative rights and tears down the notions of entitlement and victimhood.

A Higher Perspective - Sometimes we simply need a different vantage point to completely alter our outlook.