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Where do you even start?

We have written a lot! Trying to figure out what to read first might be a daunting task. With that in mind we've both picked our top 10. For further direction we've selected three broad categories: Culture, Life Vision, and IHD Foundations. Categorization is an inexact science, however, because of the the overlap typical in the principles of human thriving. 


Rites of Passage are a Necessity (Shane)

Wrong Thinking (Justin)

Enough With the Ceremonies! Can We Just Be Real? (Shane)

What Exactly are Your Rights? (Justin)

What is the Purpose of Education? (Shane)

Education: Where Even the Winners Lose (Justin)

Free Yourself from the Religion of Consumption (Shane)

Life Vision

Creating Your Own AWEsome Rite of Passage in the Modern World (Justin)

Face Your Fear (Shane)

A Higher Perspective (Justin)

Is College Worth It? (Shane)

Choice Architecture and Environmental Design (Justin)

Judgment, Integrity, and Moral Courage (Shane)

Judgment and Discernment (Justin)

Principled Sacrifice (Shane)

Understanding Where Your Personality Comes From (Justin)

John Henry, Automation, and the Future of Human Usefulness (Shane)

IHD foundations

Justin and His Account of How IHD Started

Shane and His Account of How IHD Started

IHD Core Values

IHD Core Habits