Our Top 20 Articles


Prepare to have your mind blown!

We have written a lot! Trying to figure out what to read first might be a daunting task. With that in mind we've both picked our top 10. For further direction we've selected four broad categories: Culture, Life Vision, General Health,  and Fitness. Categorization is an inexact science, however, because of the the overlap typical in the principles of human thriving. 


Enough With the Ceremonies! Can We Just Be Real? (Shane)

It Isn’t Fat Shaming: How Protecting Feelings Hurts Health (Shane)

The Most Physically and Mentally Unhealthy Generation in History (Shane)

Life Vision

John Henry, Automation, and the Future of Human Usefulness (Shane)

Find the Foundation of Your Purpose (Shane)

general health

Core Principles (Justin)

The Saboteurs of Health in America (Shane)

 Physical Morality: Our Obligation to Strengthen Our Bodies (Shane)

Fit-Shaming: Why Health Must Be a Community Dialogue (Shane)


Try Finding Strength and Fitness in Everyday Life (Shane)

Literacy for the Body (Shane)