Mind Mastery: Better Thinking. Better Learning.

The future belongs to those who can innovate, adapt, and learn…

We have no idea what the jobs of tomorrow will look like. The standard model society sells is that you learn, or, more accurately, pass classes in your youth so you can graduate and earn. That just isn't reality.

The reality is that those who know how to learn and adapt will thrive. Those who perceive nuance and understand the mind will be invaluable decision makers.  Those who know how to deconstruct and synthesize parts will innovate and create value. Those who understand how the human mind thinks and learns are given insight into an approach that equips them to be successful regardless of what life throws at them. 

This course will help you:

  • Apply a model towards learning any skill more quickly and with greater retention

  • Identify common patterns of human misjudgment

  • Find a greater sense of curiosity

  • Practice first principles thinking for creative problem-solving in static fields

  • Learn how the mind creates false positives, so that you are less susceptible to manipulation

  • Develop an approach to learning and work that allows confidence without the cloud of the ego's drive for self-confirmation

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