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Growth and production are essential to human fulfillment. Learning is not a means to an end but a way of living that magnifies possibility, curiosity, and impact. Truly great work will only follow self-mastery. Education must start with this core and work out. It must change our perceptions, prompt discovery, and root itself in purpose. It must be a way of being and not a destination.

Unfortunately, our modern education embraces a far less relevant approach, concerned with perception over true transformation. Our culture’s Standard Model entrenches impulsiveness and limited living. Few chase truth. Few define values. Few master habits and boundaries. Few live with impact.

This is where we come in... 

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  • The gratification of helping with diaper money. Inspired Human Development is our truest passion and purpose. While unbelievably gratifying, writing and creating is time-intensive and does not pay. In fact there are business costs. The reality of not selling ads or reporting to an editor is that this is purely a labor of love. To be clear, if I never saw a dime it would still be worth it. No one owes anything. However, if you want to support IHD and believe that what you get in return is worth it, please consider the IHD Membership. It is only in its infancy. More courses, e-books, monthly webinars, and a book are in the pipeline. As the membership grows we'll be able to offer a learning retreat and expand further. Whether a member or an occasional reader, I greatly appreciate that you've taken time to explore IHD. There are millions of other demands on your time and attention. Thank you for investing it here.