Who I am. How I got Here:

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Hello, I'm Justin Lind.

I am a coach, writer, and teacher. I work with athletes one-on-one as a remote strength and conditioning coach. I teach workshops in both kettlebells and gymnastics. I also produce written and video pieces for an online fitness publication called Breaking Muscle.

I travel full-time. After a hiatus in New Zealand I've return to the US to begin a quest to see all 50 States and all 59 National Parks. I've been to more countries (21) than US States (14), and I've decided it's time to tip that balance the other way. I'm excited to meet a broader, more diverse group of Americans, especially at this time when a focus on common ground and discourse seems to wane. 

I am originally from Southern California. Before beginning to travel I had never lived full-time outside of the 805 area code that spans 4 counties.

Growing up, I was extremely active and could never focus on one sport or activity. My parents used to joke that my absolute favorite pastime was whatever I was currently doing. 

Little has changed, I always have several projects stewing at once and fill my free time with a variety of activities. My close friend now joke (like my parents used to) that when I get into something, I go all the way into it. Some of these obsessions have included: skateboarding, surfing, BMX, snowboarding, rock climbing, running, slack-line, hackysack, handstands, unicycle, juggling, triathlon, yoga, and CrossFit. I still do most of these, but I'm always on the hunt for the next exciting challenge.

If you're detecting an active theme, you're right on. I love to move and try new things. I now see my parents' refusal to buy me video games as the greatest gifts they have given me. 

I always excelled in math and physics. Couple that fact with my love for building skateboard ramps as a kid and I landed as a Mechanical Engineering major in university. I enjoyed most of my classes and projects but soon saw it as just another passing phase. 

After graduating and working as a design engineer for over 3 years, I left to focus on coaching and teaching. I decided to turn my part-time passion into my full-time path. 

Before committing to a full-time coaching practice, I traveled alone for nearly one year. I quit my engineering job, got rid of everything that didn't fit in my carry-on size backpack, and bought a one-way ticket to Turkey. Nine months and a lifetime of growth and experience later I returned to California to coach, teach, and write. 

While working as an engineer I began to journal and fell in love with how writing (specifically handwriting) helped me explore my own thoughts and discover myself. I used to profess to hate writing, but during this time a writer that always lived deep inside me came alive. I soon began to combine my passion for coaching and teaching with my new love for writing. 

My writing practice currently has three primary facets. I maintain a daily journal, usually first thing in the morning. I consider this my most important daily pattern (it's definitely my favorite daily habit and goes great with coffee). From these personal explorations, arose my website. I love to write and explore what it means to live a meaningful life. Finally, I write articles and make videos for Breaking Muscle. These tend to be practical, pedagogical, actionable, and technical about many aspects of health and training.

I love the balance that this brings to my writing life. 

I'm not big on labels but they can be a great tool to quickly and easily tell about many aspects of a person. Here's a few that I think describe me well: minimalist, traveler, writer, coach, seeker, mover, teacher, skateboarder, wannabe chef, and pretend acrobat.