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Shane's body of work writing for Breaking Muscle. Here you will find his thoughts on why health must be a community dialogue and why we must respect our nature with our fitness. I address the needs for education reform, values-driven parenting strategies, and advocate for an authority in youth development that would outline best practices while educating on the environmental pitfalls.  Learn more about Shane and what steps he thinks are most important for Inspired Development and fixing the problems of a fractured, unhealthy community.

Justin's body of work writing for Breaking Muscle. Here you will find in depth tutorials on the Turkish Get-Up, the Strict Press, Handstands, and Pull-ups, along with innovative perspective on movement practice as a microcosm for life.




Podcast Interviews 

Physical Illiteracy- The Costs of Being Less Human: Justin Lind and I discuss the costs of an environment that does not respect our natural inclinations. We explore everything from education, to mass shootings, to creating strong communities and transformative rites of passage.

The Motivation Factor: Classical P.E. concepts are not what you've experienced. Nearly every great society has made P.E. the foundation of their learning. Director Doug Orchard and Expert P.E. Historian, Ron Jones, tell the story of La Sierra High School and the classical P.E. concepts that created the most impressive program in U.S. History. The La Sierra example inspired John F. Kennedy to push this program across the U.S. It is a case study that should be modeled across the world. 

Tim Anderson: Original Strength, supple movement, and feeling good after 30.

Fergus Connolly: Jim Harbaugh's Sport Scientist explains the flaws in how most look at training

Tony Gentilcore: Fitness, Strength, and Authenticity in Your Work

BJ Gaddour: Daily Movement with Passion and Purpose

Andrea DuCane: Elderly strength, Youth physical literacy, Women in Fitness, and the Kettlebell

https://breakingmuscle.com/fitness/daily-movement-with-passion-and-purpose McDonald aka Bobby Maximus: On Kindness, Mental Training, and The Simplicity of Fitness

Brett Bartholomew: On Conscious Coaching and Training the Elite

Ryan Hurst: On bodyweight mastery, getting out of comfort zones, and overcoming adversity

Max Shank: On the Power of Daily Movement and Normalizing Fitness in our Communities

Sean Griffin: On creating the Tribe of Kettlebellers

Justin Lind: On injury and Rites of Passage

Brad Borland: CSCS, Natural Body Builder, Afghanistan Veteran, and survivor of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Pete Hitzeman: Managing Editor at Breaking Muscle

Chris Holder: Doctor of Medical Qigong, California Polytechnic's Strength and Conditioning Coordinator, Founder of Volleystrength, and Expert in Development

Chandler Stevens Somatic Movement & Life Coach

Athletic College Prep Formula Interview of Shane Trotter

High School Strength Coach Podcast Episode 48