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Do You Feel Like Life is a Never-Ending Game of Whack-a-Mole?

Are you pulled in many directions, unable to fit the true essentials?

Time and attention are what make up life!

Determine to sacrifice yours no more and create boundaries that amplify your impact while restoring the positive, fun-loving person you were meant to be!

80% of New Year’s Resolutions fail by February. Over 90% of people who lose weight have gained it back within 3 to 5 years. So many long for positive change, yet fail because they have not manipulated the variables in their favor.

NO MORE! Determine to craft the perfect plan for YOU- One that understands the science behind sustainable action, discipline, progression, and individualization. Schedule an IHD Inspired Lifestyle Consultation to Design a path to Inspired Living.

Don't worry about the diet, or the exercise program, until you craft the lifestyle- one that respects the power of purpose, habit, community, & your nature. Create Momentum for Sustainable Change!

Inspired Lifestyle Consultation
Let's Get Started!


Put the oxygen mask on yourself first! You’ll be better for everyone else, but most importantly you’ll be better for you. You’ll find an enriched appreciation for life and accomplish way more of what really matters!

Determine to Invest in Yourself- to invest in skills, tools, and experience that multiply purpose, impact, and life’s moments of magic.

Anyone Can Do This!

In college I dealt with an anxiety disordered that manifested in an odd form of OCD called Pure O. It was a beautiful, however painful, lesson that deepened my passionate exploration of human development, growth, and optimal living. I learned to prioritize, manage, and instill habits that changed my perceptions, my relationships, my health, and every arena of life.

While we all have very different challenges, triggers, and needs, the practices of the highly effective and highly fulfilled are consistent and well documented. You have the power, its just a matter of clarity and creating the right path! Let’s do this! To sign up CLICK Below or on any of the links on this document and follow the prompts to book your Inspired Lifestyle Consultation today!

Inspired Lifestyle Consultation
Let's Get Started!

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 Let's talk and see if we are a match! I want to know your goals and want you to feel confident about this decision. I know that together we can defy limits and create sustainable change, but there is no pressure to work together after this discussion. Just use the form below to send me a message and we'll set a time!

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