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Inspired Human Development is your guide to understanding the best developmental practices in an environment that is increasingly contrary to the needs of human fulfillment. Look around you. For the first time ever we have a generation of kids not expected to live as long as their parents. Since 1970, we've seen obesity triple in youth ages 6-19. The past 15 years has seen a 37% increase in teen depression and a 200% increase in suicides for youth ages 10-14. One in five youth now suffer, or have suffered from mental disorders. In the same time we've seen a stark increase adult depression, social alienation, drug overdoses, and in mass shootings. The signs of widespread angst are everywhere. Despite access to the wisdom of ages- despite living the most comfortable lives in human history, most are entrenched in toxic habits and mindsets that relegate them to lives of chronic angst.

As overwhelming as the evidence is, our predominant developmental institutions continue to promote toxic foods, while entrenching patterns of sedentarism and technological addiction. Food companies, big Pharma, and web designers openly manipulate our neurobiology to create unhealthy addictions. Youth sports has turned into an exploitative, expensive mine field of narcissistic individual promotion. The concept of team or value of a family dinner are ignored except for their utility as talking points. Rather than training us to avoid these pitfalls, our developmental culture's are complicit in their promotion. Enslaved to the image-driven dogmas of learned helplessness and appeasement, they obsessively curate a neutral image- refusing to stand for anything. There is no concept of creating the most admirable, prepared, and fulfilled people. They've abandoned training in the values, habits, and strategies that promote community, purpose, health, and the nuanced lifelong learning essential to our ever-changing world. 

IHD is here to realize the potential of inspired education and fill the gaps of outdated human development models. Education should be timeless and timely. It should induce action. It should orient you towards growth and teach you how to thrive. IHD offers an alternative to the unnatural patterns of our world that have led to epidemic poor health and mental disorder. IHD offers an inspired education that respects your yearning for physical vitality and your need for purpose. We're here to clarify the best, research-back practices for growth and fulfilled living. Let us help you create radical positive change and live your dreams!




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