Essential Financial Strategies Course



The word alone provokes emotion.

Money doesn't buy happiness. More money will not create sustained purpose. More money will not fix relationships with large value gaps. 

However, money does create freedom. And considering that a large portion of our lives will be spent earning money to create this freedom, it seems an adequate portion of our education should be spent creating an understanding of money management and best practices. Most people don't like to talk about money, but our attitudes and financial habits play a large role in how we spend the time we have in our lives.

Lack of money creates stress and eliminates possibilities. Even more, modern attitudes about "needs" and normal spending behavior often set us on a path of debt, dependency, and limited living. Modern money norms promote spending exorbitantly on items that do little for our level of happiness while creating stress about our inability to respond to the chaos of being alive. Modern money norms lead us to waste thousands paying interest while the knowledgeable earn interest.  

Financial freedom and control are far more accessible than most know. This is not an investing or business course. It is the obvious core education everyone needs. A look at the basic principles of finance and how to make your money work for you! This is a path to creating a stress-free personal plan, determining the most fulfilling use of money, and leveraging simple strategies to effortlessly build more wealth. 

By following this course you will: 

  • Get the IHD Personal Financial Planner to bring simplicity and clarity to your financial picture

  • Establish clear, sustainable spending habits

  • Understand the principles of wealth

  • Determine what spending creates fulfillment

  • Identify common money traps that lead many towards debt and panic

  • Learn how to situate your money so it grows with the passage of time

  • Challenge common assumptions that lead to limited living patterns

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When Forrest Gump's shrimp business struck fortune, he was called and told that he didn't need to worry about money anymore. His response: "Good! One less thing." Forest's response indicates that happy balance that is possible only when we are confident that we have enough money to meet our primary needs, yet aren't under the illusion that money holds the secret to fulfillment. As with most in life, the wisest approach is modeled by Forrest Gump. This course doesn't promise you fortune like Forrest attained, but maybe the tools to face life as confidently and purposefully as he did.