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Rites of Passage

Every great civilization has had Rites of Passage. Heroic values were transmitted through experience that bonded the tribe while creating competency and self-discovery.

These are our more intensive studies where we explore principles in greater breadth and depth. As usual, lessons are visual, auditory, and experiential. Each comes with a physical workbook, course videos, and prompts to transformative activities and introspections.

At the end you'll have defined an appropriate, individualized challenge and be confident in your ability to creatively conquer its inevitable adversities. 


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Life is busy and the pace of change has never been greater. Take control of your life.These are our essential lessons split into more easily digestible chunks. We target specific principles, each developed through 2 to 5 lessons consisting of activities of 20 minutes or less. 


  • Foundations of a Healthy Lifestyle
    • Discover why over 90% of attempted fitness, nutrition, and mental health changes fail and what simple understandings underly all who share long-term health and vitality. 
    • Master simple principles to create an individualized approach that honors your needs and unique path. 
  • 21st Century Productivity: Prioritization, Structure, & Boundaries
  • Mind-Hacking: The Secrets of Learning & Thinking
  • Habit
  • Willpower & Resiliency
  • Essential Financial Strategies (This is not a business or investing course. It’s a living course.)

  • Relationships & Communication 101

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