Communication & Human Relationships Course


People.... We need them, but oh how frustrating they can be!

Why won't they listen? Why don't they understand how helpful your solution would be? And don't even get me started on friends and family. Why must they be so needy? Have you ever felt like half your time was spent doing what other people wanted just to avoid the guilt? Have you ever felt like you were being who someone else wanted instead of living authentically? 

It does not matter what we know if we can't communicate our message and inspire people to respond. Few pursuits matter when you don't share life with the right people or have the right people, but don't connect harmoniously. 

Human relationships are complex. Yet, those who can communicate and who train people how to treat them are at a marked advantage. They will have better success at work and more enjoyment from life. With a few simple communication skills and principles of human relationships, you'll be amazed at how much more influence and harmony you create in your daily interactions. 

There is no magic bullet. Yet, communication skills are trainable. Furthermore, with a few insights that shift perspective, you'll find that grumpy colleague is far more likable than you'd imagined possible. You'll understand how to express ideas so people respond and appreciate them. You'll find the keys out of unhealthy relationships and into boundaries that attract the right people.

This course will help you:

  • Understand what underlies human interactions and perceptions

  • Learn to communicate so that your message is received

  • Draw people towards your point of view

  • Dialogue so that the most possible productive change is accomplished

  • Avoid manipulation

  • Highlight characteristics of unhealthy relationships

  • Establish boundaries that promote authenticity and harmonious relationships

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