Resources and Collection of Works

Here you can find all our favorite resources for inspired living, including our collection of published work outside the blog. Writing is a passion. Much of The IHD Philosophy has been refined and developed through the writing process and these works represent a great in depth look at our philosophy and opinions on the major challenges of modern society. 

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The Blog: Everything You Need to Create inspired, Passionate living int the 21st Century

Where we outline the most important steps to living inspired and identify all the environmental pitfalls working against this. Here we'll offer values, methods, and a philosophy that believes community, contribution, purpose, and health are at the core of fulfillment. 

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Written Works, Videos, & Interviews

Everything from a description of a school day's entrenched poor health in "Bad Habit Factories", to "Saboteurs of Health in America" to the vision of education reform to "Create a Nation of Heroes" to the essential skill of "Delayed Gratification" to specific "Parenting Strategies" for healthy, dynamic, empowered kids.

Also tons of workouts and great interviews. Perhaps the greatest gift of my creative work has been the opportunity to interview professionals who shared their immense wisdom and passion. 


Feed the Right Wolf:

Our Favorite Resources For Inspired Living

The first step in creating a better world is a great education. There is an infinite number of distractions vying for your attention. It can be a challenge to know where to look to feed our better wolf. Let us simplify your life. Here you'll find our favorite youth development links, parenting links, mind-opening ideas, and The IHD Book List.