Chasing Rabbits to the NFL: Lessons From Muck City

In the era where youth sports is big business and every 9 year old has a skills coach, a small region in Florida with a median income of $27,000 per year has put over 60 athletes into the NFL, since 1980. Their secret- Natural Human Survival Instincts. If we stay in tune with nature and encourage play and creativity, then our children will be both happier and far more athletic. Create an environment where youth continue to move, and allow our kids to scrape their knees while having fun. Let them play, chase, and react as they would in nature, and you’ll see speed and agility most sports coaches wouldn’t dream possible. 

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A Healthy Nation Must Start at School

A nation of kids are expected to live shorter lives than their parents. To create momentum against these deeply entrenched habits of poor health, we must begin in school. However, a look at our current school environment reveals just why health has gotten so bad. 

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It's time to Reform America's Bad Habit Factories

Schools are our cultural nucleus. The habits our schools indoctrinate become norms across generations. Why then do we entrench patterns of poor health that virtually ensure our youth grow up to live limited lives of disease, fatigue, and mental angst? When we look for the possible causes and solutions to our current health epidemics we must start and end with education reform.

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Shane Trotter