Friday Musings: The IHD Core Habits

Approximate Read Time: 2 minutes

We all have bad days and decisions we blunder. The long haul is what matters most. Rather than obsessing on each tiny error, ask yourself, “what are my consistent actions and standards?” There is no shortage of people signing up for gym memberships in January, but over 80% will not be there in February. So, what underlies consistent action?

If you’ve read a lot of Justin’s and my work, you probably automatically answered: Habits! To consistently act and make choices in congruence with our ever-evolving standards, we must define values and hone them through intentionally selected habits. Eventually this educational process will manifest in more fulfilling patterns of response.  

At Inspired Human Development Justin and I have identified three-core habits most essential for consistent self-development and a more fulfilling life. These are:

  1. Movement/Exercise: Our psychology follows our physiology. The physical world is a microcosm of the mental. By taking care of ourselves we learn lessons that extend far beyond health, while amplifying the quality of every other pursuit.

  2. Mental Training: We all need practice being more mindful, time for reflection, and consistent re-programming of the mind towards gratitude and possibility. There are many avenues like quiet walks, meditation, and journaling. They can be combined or separated, but the mind must be witnessed and developed.

  3. Feed the Right Wolf: The Cherokee legend tell of a young boy whose grandfather is telling him about the two wolves that war within us all. The grandfather explains that one wolf is love, patience, courage, integrity, humility, discipline and all those highest virtues. The other is ego, jealousy, anger, greed, deception, self-pity, and all those most destructive drives. The boy asks, “which will win, Grandfather?” To which he responds, “the one you feed.”

    We must habitually expose ourselves to education and influences that pull us towards growth. You can do this by reading consistently, seeking mentors, investing in skill acquisition or ongoing education, and critically consuming media like podcasts and television. Personally, my friendship with Justin has been the greatest source for feeding the right wolf in my life. For more direction, I recommend our courses and resources page.

Many people are beginning to firm up plans for New Years resolutions. For personal development to last it cannot be a once a year commitment. I commend anyone who attempts to turn over a new leaf, but if you are serious about growth, I encourage you to make these core habits a priority in your life. Justin and I have developed an e-book guide for training consistent action and productive habits. We will release this for free prior to January 2019! Be sure to sign up below for the IHD Newsletter so you don’t miss this transformative offering.