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Transformative Experience: Changing Thoughts and Feelings Through Action

Our large, highly-developed infrastructures preclude the need for rising to any occasion or banding together to get a job done. We’re conditioned to expect the government or AAA to step in and solve each problem. We are able to live completely insulated from the community contribution and frequent challenge that once defined human existence. This convenience comes at a price. More than any self-help workbook, it is powerful experiences that build confidence, embed good values, and foster a sense of purpose. Today our physical needs are met so effortlessly that we are rarely prompted to essential experiences that make us capable of meeting our emotional needs. Fortunately, those experiences are well documented and accessible to us all.

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Friday Musings: "Good" vs. Recognizing Value

Learning from negative situations does not come from simply deciding that they experience was actually positive. Moving through and growing beyond hardships comes from first understanding the challenges for what they are. We might eventually deem any challenging time as a net positive, but this perspective comes only in hindsight. Deciding to call something “good” from the depths of negatives emotions is delusional and actually limits the scope of growth that will follow.

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