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Friday Musings: Compassion Trumps Animosity

The process of winning progress has never featured divisive eruptions of outrage that are opposed to civil discourse. It has never been won through one day or one march. Change does not follow unrefined or unclear thought patterns. Real social progress has always been the product of clarity, long-term sacrifice, intelligent dialogue, and maturely taking the moral upper hand with thoughtful actions and words. This requires honest self-reflection, the demand that one’s constituents hold themselves to a standard, and an earnest desire to grow and mature with anyone willing to talk honestly.

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Principled Sacrifice

Whether we like it or not, our consumption habits are not a completely neutral act. We bear responsibility for either rewarding malicious intent or punishing it. In the modern world, nothing speaks louder than the refusal to purchase. Saturated in the incomprehensible magic of modern technology, it shouldn’t seem that crazy to identify a few causes worth self-denial. We’ll still live the most lavish lives in human history and probably be able to find a more rewarding substitute. No one ever regretted giving up McDonalds, anyway.

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