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I'm Offended: How The Social Justice Warriors Made Thinking Dangerous

We’ve all felt the pressure to censor ourselves in light of the modern affinity for outrage. Where it once would have been reasonable to confront perceived insensitivities privately and with a tone of understanding—we have all spoken thoughtlessly after all—there is now prestige for making the confrontations as embarrassing and public as possible. Thus, even without broad acceptance of the social justice dogmas, public discourse is subject to the constant anxiety of attack from the lowest common denominator. Society feels the need to censor ourselves to appease the most sensitive and mentally distorted, whose pathology is reinforced by the increasing number of avenues to harass those they deem bigoted. Thus, thought-policing works its way into every sector of society, sabotaging anyone unlucky enough to land in its crosshairs. As the scope of publicly accepted opinions narrows, solutions grow increasingly unlikely. Society exists in a bubble of logical fallacies from which we can never grow. The only antidote is honesty and a willingness to think differently.

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