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Evil Geniuses, #FakeNews, and Why You Aren't Free

The reason that so many people love to talk about freedom in the national political conversation is that, deep down, they do not feel a sense of personal freedom in their own lives. They know that they lack the discipline and value structure to achieve real freedom. Attributing this lack of agency and self-control to laws and political forces makes for a far easier pill to swallow than the reality that they chose their current state by living at the whim of their emotional impulses. The tendency to point to external factors rather than the role that they hold in their own life is the precise reason that they do not feel free.

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Escape the Reactive Potential of Strong Negative Emotion

We all have the potential to hurt and offend. This is not a testament to some underlying evil nature. It is simply an admission to instances when we acted rash, immature, or emotional. You did not consciously aim to hurt, yet hurt you did. We are naive to think we will never hurt in this way again. Good intentions are not enough to ensure that you never make a negative impact on those around you.

Mastery of your own emotional response, then, is a charitable act - perhaps the most potent form of charity that you can do. Donations, kind words, and helpful acts have profoundly beautiful effects on their recipients. However, before looking how you can build others up, do the work the tame your capacity to tear them down.

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