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Judgment, Integrity, and Moral Courage

Following the Holocaust, many questioned how such atrocities were possible. How could a vast network of people orchestrate such evil? Why weren’t there refusals all throughout the chain? Yale psychologist Stanley Milgram set out to explore this concept in his famous, 1963 Obedience Experiments. In 65% of experiments, people administered what they thought were deadly shocks when prompted to do so by an authority. The study has since been repeated many times with nearly identical results. While judgment is often deemed wrong, we must cultivate a highly nuanced capacity for making judgments about our own actions and develop the moral courage to meet that standard.

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Principled Sacrifice

Whether we like it or not, our consumption habits are not a completely neutral act. We bear responsibility for either rewarding malicious intent or punishing it. In the modern world, nothing speaks louder than the refusal to purchase. Saturated in the incomprehensible magic of modern technology, it shouldn’t seem that crazy to identify a few causes worth self-denial. We’ll still live the most lavish lives in human history and probably be able to find a more rewarding substitute. No one ever regretted giving up McDonalds, anyway.

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