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The Land of the "Free" and Home of the Depressed

Few phrases captivate the modern mind like “the pursuit of happiness.” With life and liberty are assured, this becomes the de facto point of most people’s existence. Yet for something so central to our choices, it is surprising how little we understand about what will make us “happy.”

Nationally, the number of school shootings, drug overdoses, and suicides have been growing steadily for years. We have less inequality, less violence, more medications, more mandatory sensitivity trainings, more pleasure, and fewer pains. So what the hell is wrong with us?

As life grants more and more of our wishes people are finding that what they want is the problem. Pursuing happiness might not be such a great idea after all.

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Transformative Experience: Changing Thoughts and Feelings Through Action

Our large, highly-developed infrastructures preclude the need for rising to any occasion or banding together to get a job done. We’re conditioned to expect the government or AAA to step in and solve each problem. We are able to live completely insulated from the community contribution and frequent challenge that once defined human existence. This convenience comes at a price. More than any self-help workbook, it is powerful experiences that build confidence, embed good values, and foster a sense of purpose. Today our physical needs are met so effortlessly that we are rarely prompted to essential experiences that make us capable of meeting our emotional needs. Fortunately, those experiences are well documented and accessible to us all.

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Paradox and Human Universals

Truth is wrapped in paradox. It is a tight wire balance, seemingly full of contradiction and only made sense of through intense magnification. Over and over, Justin and I have attacked the same issue, but with very different styles. Sometimes we’ll come to seemingly inconsistent conclusions, yet I’ve always found these contradictions to be essential additions to the original post. It is these pieces I’d like to highlight today, because they help provide a more rounded view of some important human universals.

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Face Your Fear

For years I dealt with a form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) known as Pure O. My self-imposed paralysis evolved from more comprehendible compulsive anxieties to increasingly bizarre mental battles. There was a progression that fed itself with each avoidance, pulling me towards evermore complex psychological creations. Challenging as this was, it is the most formative and essential part of my life. We should all be so lucky as to have an all-encompassing mental disorder pull us to the path of personal discovery, growth, and purpose. To some degree, we all do. Whether it is a proclivity for stress, anger, jealousy, impatience, indulgence, or addiction, we all are born immersed in a pathology of self-destruction pulling us towards self-mastery and rebirth. Our journey to confront fear is antecedent to a meaningful life. This is a consistent theme in the human experience.

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Friday Musings on Being a New Father of Two

Just over a week ago, my wife, Neely, and I finally reached the culmination of our adoption journey becoming the parents of two beautiful children- a 5-week old baby girl, Brix Dani Trotter, and her 18-month old brother, Ace Cowen Trotter. Since then we’ve been figuring a lot of things out. Here are just a few new-daddy takeaways from the past week.

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Chasing Rabbits to the NFL: Lessons From Muck City

In the era where youth sports is big business and every 9 year old has a skills coach, a small region in Florida with a median income of $27,000 per year has put over 60 athletes into the NFL, since 1980. Their secret- Natural Human Survival Instincts. If we stay in tune with nature and encourage play and creativity, then our children will be both happier and far more athletic. Create an environment where youth continue to move, and allow our kids to scrape their knees while having fun. Let them play, chase, and react as they would in nature, and you’ll see speed and agility most sports coaches wouldn’t dream possible. 

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