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Great Expectations May Prevent Happiness

You expect to be able to drive 15 miles in 13 minutes while listening to your favorite music and enjoying perfect temperatures. We rarely stop to appreciate it, but this is truly remarkable within the scope of human history. When any one of these factors is not delivered, we are aggravated. “What the heck, spotify!”

Unrealistic expectations create unhappiness. Despite the highest standard of living in human history, anxiety, depression, drug overdoses, and suicides are each at an all-time high. Modern unhappiness does not stem from lack of luxury. Having problems doesn’t cause unhappiness. It is that we expect not to have problems, or inconveniences, that causes unhappiness.

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Friday Musings: Demonstrations of Gratitude

When we express gratitude, either to others or to ourselves in writing or reflection, we purposely pluck positive memories and emotions from the soup and dwell, for the moment, on their beauty. With enough consistency, this practice grooves into an unconscious pattern - we become more positive, optimistic, and cognizant of our good fortunes.

Consider practices like keeping a gratitude journal to be expressions of gratitude. Remembering and meditating on all that we feel thankful for will always be an important practice but we can take it a step further into demonstrations of gratitude.

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