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Free Yourself From the Religion of Consumption

Overconsumption has a way of making us subjugate ourselves into a dependent relationship. The more we conceive as needs—the more we are dependent on for happiness—the less free we are. We’ve enslaved ourselves to unrealistic expectations and a cycle that clouds out the development of more fulfilling pursuits, thus devastating our own spirit, whilst destroying the world around. We have more, but we are less: less capable of ensuring our own survival; less competent; and despite immersion into an oversaturated social media landscape, less connected to our fellow humans.

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Friday Musings: Justin and My Version of Our Story

As an athlete, coach, and writer I have to come to embrace my wandering spirit. I know that I do not have the temperament for the hyper-specialization required for world-class performance. However, I feel that I am world-class (or at least pretty good…) at drawing value from many seemingly disparate philosophies and communities to craft a unique and meaningful approach to fitness and life. If I am special at all, it is in my ability to “speak” many different languages and walk between worlds.

It is with this ability that Shane and I connect deepest. Although we have never met in-person, I immediately knew that I found a brother. Though we were shaped from very different influences, our experiences have crystallized into similar and very symbiotic philosophies.

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