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Is College Worth it?

The decision to leave for college is exciting, empowering, and, for most, an ill-timed, giant waste of money. We live in an age where information is free and limitlessly abundant, yet we’re governed by education systems created in a bygone era. The predominant post-secondary educational model conditioned into society as the only path for “successful” youth, is a deeply flawed model ripe with possibilities for improvement. What we need is a different approach to self-development after high-school- one that objectively analyzes the possible options. The college route must be knocked from its deified status to be one of many possible paths for career success and one that might likely be enjoyed better in the mid to late 20’s.

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Rites of Passage are a Necessity: The Lobotomizing Effect of Unchallenging Childhood

The past few generations experienced a developmental paradigm that prioritized all-encompassing protection and providing the maximum for each child. The privileges of adult responsibility became automatically transferred with the passage of time, while the capabilities and values that once defined adulthood, were never refined. The result is a dependent generation, increasingly unable to live up to their own vaguely defined value systems and increasingly passive about their integration into “the real world.” It is them who pay the price. This prolonged childhood of perpetual training wheels scarcely directs teens towards exploration of the existential questions that bring life direction and purpose.

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Education: Are We Missing the Point?

While curriculums abound, very little exists to teach us optimal patterns for human thriving. Health, strong values, willpower, purpose, and all these most essential lessons magnify impact and experience. These are unlikely to happen by chance. People would be far more likely to value the actions and beliefs that promote lasting fulfillment if they’d only been exposed to clear experiential training on these subjects. Unfortunately, as the need for constant learning grows, the inclination to learn is dying off.

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