Support the Hand that Feeds You

We live in a time of endless free blogs, podcasts, videos and more. This makes meaningful content abundantly available and also give us the opportunity to grant support to the content and creators whose work we value.

I am an avid consumer of blogs, podcasts, and independent videos. I do not pay for the vast majority of what I consume. I bet that you do not either.

However, when I find a writer, podcaster, or filmmaker consistently valuable or enjoyable, I relish the opportunity to tell them so. I will purchase a video, album, or book from them the next time they have one available. I will contribute to their Patreon account (or other patronage system) to demonstrate my gratitude for their work and ensure that they can continue to pour themselves into future creations.

I allow my support to follow my consumption. If I find myself drifting away from their content, I can simply remove my minor monthly contribution. Although, I typically leave my small donation in place. The extra dollar or two each month, even when I’m no longer consistently consuming their work, pales in comparison to the good feeling that giving it brings. I love the idea that I am continually rewarding them for work that I found immense value in previously.

In this spirit, we have created a Patreon account for you to support our work. We will always offer all of our articles for free. If you cannot or do not want to pay for our content, we feel honored simply by your interest. If you valuw our work and wish to lend a bit of support, we encourage you to become a patron on Patreon.

The Pay Later Model

Patreon, and other such such services, offer an entirely new and unprecedented model of patronage. Historically, to watch a film, read a book, or listen to an album, required that you purchase it upfront. While in some ways this might protect the creator, you as the consumer have no guarantee that you will find any value or enjoyment in the work. You are gambling, betting on quality, to ensure a worthy investment.

The “pay later” model allows you to consume as much free content as you please and never pay a dime if you do not have the means or desire to do so. However, if you do wish to support work that you love, you have the opportunity to do so voluntarily. This is a beautiful thing.

In the past, longterm album and book sales communicated that many people found value in them. However, initial sales were largely the result of marketing. These initial sales metrics then determined the future of the work (further marketing, second print runs, paperback rights, recording contracts, where/how the work will be stocked on retail shelves) and thus, the future of the creator.

Voluntary support post-consumption feels amazing. It creates a pseudo-relationship with the creator. When finished consuming, you can immediately tell a writer/artist/filmmaker how much your enjoyed their work. A few dollars in donation or a minimal monthly contribution is the equivalent of compliment, high five, or hug; everyone feels great. Giving a compliment feels better than receiving one. To the creator, even the most minimal support feels incredibly gratifying and affirming when it comes directly from the consumer.

We each thoroughly enjoy the handful of monthly “hugs” we give out. It always feels like I get more in return than a few dollars could ever pay for.

With enough small contributions - contributions so small that they are virtually unnoticeable to the individual benefactors - creators can receive livable compensation for their work. This is a completely revolutionary model for patronage of the arts.

Shane and I release eight articles each month. If you feel that they are worth 12.5 cents each, please consider contributing one dollar each month. You can give a little more if you like as well. If you want to continue to read and enjoy for free, we are honored to write and share, regardless of any returns.

You can support us in other ways too. Please feel free to share our work as openly as you want. You might also consider a membership to our unlimited course catalog.

We love that you are here and feel so grateful for your interest.

Thank you for your support of IHD, in whatever form it takes.