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Friday Musings: Smarter Tools. Dumber Brains?

Humanity is reaching a point where so many tasks are outsourced and comfort is so certain that dependency has far outpaced the acquisition of new skills. Technology makes life easy, but it often discourages people from honing basic human capabilities. Smarter tools can lead to dumber brains, or, with a better approach they can scaffold our minds to heights previously unreachable.

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Friday Musings: Compassion Trumps Animosity

The process of winning progress has never featured divisive eruptions of outrage that are opposed to civil discourse. It has never been won through one day or one march. Change does not follow unrefined or unclear thought patterns. Real social progress has always been the product of clarity, long-term sacrifice, intelligent dialogue, and maturely taking the moral upper hand with thoughtful actions and words. This requires honest self-reflection, the demand that one’s constituents hold themselves to a standard, and an earnest desire to grow and mature with anyone willing to talk honestly.

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Friday Musings: "Good" vs. Recognizing Value

Learning from negative situations does not come from simply deciding that they experience was actually positive. Moving through and growing beyond hardships comes from first understanding the challenges for what they are. We might eventually deem any challenging time as a net positive, but this perspective comes only in hindsight. Deciding to call something “good” from the depths of negatives emotions is delusional and actually limits the scope of growth that will follow.

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