A Framework that Creates our Deepest Human Fulfillment

Sunday evening, while walking to the grill to make dinner, I passed my wife watching some nature program on TV. I looked up and there was the giant grizzly bear splashing around in the water. Without a care in the world, this bear jumped and played and then devoured a huge salmon. As I watched, it occurred to me that this is what I want- it's what we all want: a passionate, playful freedom and expression of our truest self. We want to find work that brings a mindful "zone" and live a life where we feel more naturally human. This is the point of Sebastian Junger's "Tribe", one of my favorite books, and the point of the education system we're building at IHD. So much of what we do is to offset the unnatural societal patterns of the modern age and give a framework that creates our deepest human fulfillment. 

Shane Trotter