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At heart, we are a community who desire a more inspired existence. The Bold Spirit chooses to live according to values, to believe in each person's heroic potential, and to seek empowerment, health, and natural harmony. Education should be THE AUTHORITY IN HUMAN DEVELOPMENT. We have epidemic poor health, chronic physical pain, an outrageous rise in anxiety and depression despite living lives more comfortable than royalty would have dreamed possible 100 years ago, and youth athletics driven by the dollar and pushing droves of kids into hyper-specialized, life-encompassing grinds toward the coveted scholarship. The popular route to raising kids is killing our society and creating desperate unfulfilled lives. Last Sunday, 60 minutes aired a story titled "Brain Hacking" about our tech companies and the science they use to create debilitating tech addiction. The same is happening with our junk food companies. The same has happened with Big Pharma and their extremely successful campaigns to create a country addicted to medication. We're being driven so far from our values and our nature by a world trying to exploit our pocket books. This leaves me with some glaring questions:

Why aren't we being educated about these pitfalls? Why aren't we offered alternatives and strategies to take control and thrive? Why doesn't education stand up against these threats and more? Why don't we expect it to give our youth a compass to thrive? Why don't we expect education to instill the habits, skills, and vision necessary to realize their greatest existence? I believe the issue is rooted in our unwillingness to stand up and speak honestly. There is epidemic inauthenticity driven by a world concerned  with creating an image. We don't stand for our values, because we're afraid and because we're comfortable. Our society can't persist upon this path of least resistance. Human Development, especially, must be committed to values first and infused with a willingness to seek honest feedback and think outside the box.

This is a conversation that should lead to a community. Let me know what you think.


Shane TrotterComment