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Kickstart Your Life in 30 minutes for 30 Days

IHD’s 30x30 Challenge will guide you through thirty days of powerful self-development that gives you the tools to take control of your health, your mind, and your future. We’ve packaged our Three Core Habits, the most powerful daily actions for transforming your mind, body, and emotion, into a daily 30-minute program with Shane and Justin as your guides.

All 30 Daily Videos Include A…


Short Guided Workout


Daily Lesson


Gratitude and Meditation


You will also receive:

The 30x30 Workbook

as a daily companion and future reference guide

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No experience or equipment necessary…Just a desire to learn and grow

The most difficult thing is the decision to act. The rest is merely tenacity.
— Amelia Earhart

Community and Challenge


Commitment and consistency are the most difficult challenges of this program. You can make grand leaps when you consistently show up for 30 minutes a day. Social support will help you to remain consistent.

We encourage you to invite your friends to join you for the 30x30 challenge. This will hold you accountable and give you a community to share the experience with. This program might challenge how you view yourself and the world around you. Friends to discuss and share our growth will always prove invaluable.

Whether you choose to share this program with friends or not, you will always have us. Beginning after October 15, we will host a weekly 30-minute live call to field questions and connect with you.


What You Can Expect

30 Days of actions and lessons that will help you to:

  • Master the principles of sustainable exercise, nutrition, and mental training

  • Create new, positive habits

  • Understand the human needs driving your actions

  • Turn obstacles into opportunities

  • Understand your emotional side and how to make it work with you, not against you

  • Clarify your vision and purpose

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Frequently Asked questions


What do I need to be able to do the 30x30 Challenge?

You will need an internet connection to access the daily video program and the 30x30 program workbook. That is it! Each day you’ll just login and follow along. As long as there is a little bit of room you’ll be able to do the program in any office, kitchen, living room, or bedroom. You may want to go into each day with a workout mat and some water ready to drink. We also recommend printing the workbook.

What if the workouts are too hard or too fast?

No problem. We guide you through proper form for each movement and structure the workouts so that you can go at your own pace. You move through them slightly slower or with less reps if you need to. Maybe by the end of the program you are going faster than our pace!

Does the 30x30 have to be done in the morning?

Nope! It is the ultimate morning routine to supercharge your days. By doing this program every morning, you prompt a positive ripple effect throughout the day and you take advantage of the consistency available in the morning. Having said that, the program fits great into any point throughout the day. The consistency of these core habits is the most important part. Each day builds on the last creating a powerful cumulative effect. 

Is 30-minutes a day going to be effective?

Lasting improvement isn’t about stringing together a few extreme efforts. It is about creating habits that spur real growth. You want to wake up and initiate a sequence of inspired living that honors and  develops your body, mind, and emotions. You can always go deeper into any one practice on a specific day, but the power of habit dictates that you’ll be more effective in the long run by committing to daily small doses of training in a coordinated program. Daily effort will create momentum so that this small commitment radically changes behaviors throughout the rest of the day.

What if I already exercise, meditate, etc.? How should I plan if I am going to add more exercise or meditation?

Even if you have mastered physical exercise or a meditation practice, the 30x30 offers the perfect combination of our three core habits to orient your day while offering a transformative educational lesson..

For the fitness enthusiast, our exercise portion won’t be extreme, but it is a perfect way to start your day and introduce new concepts that stretch your current experience set. You’ll be primed and even more energized for a lengthier workout later in the day. 

For the seasoned meditator, our meditation practice can’t deliver the benefits that follow consistent lengthier efforts. Yet combined with the other practices, this course offers a dynamic, balanced entry into the day that can be extended at any point. 

Our comprehensive approach is perfect for revealing small gaps that will help you mature all your other practices. 

Does the 30x30 need to be done in 30 consecutive days?

It is certainly the best way to do this program. That is the challenge- 30 straight days. It will change you for the better. Habits are built through consistency. Taking days off in the middle of the program disrupts your momentum and may make you less likely to finish. Having said that, life is chaotic and the most important thing is a commitment to finish.