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The Challenge Releases September 15th

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The ultimate daily habit program, IHD’s 30x30 Challenge, will guide you through thirty minutes of powerful daily self-development that gives you the tools to take control of your health, your mind, and your future. We’ve taken our Three Core Habits- the most powerful daily actions for transforming your mind, body, and emotion- and packaged them into a daily 30-minute program with Shane and Justin as your guides.

30 days of the 30x30 Challenge will infuse you with purpose and change the way you see and operate in the world.

You have the time to create powerful change, you just have to embrace the challenge.

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Challenge Available September 15, 2019

Pre-Sale Discounts Available Now

The most difficult thing is the decision to act. The rest is merely tenacity.
— Amelia Earhart

We all want to grow, to be more capable, and to feel like we are moving in the right direction. We want to feel good about who we are and in control of who we are becoming. Unfortunately, most our efforts- the diets, extreme fitness programs, essential oils, affirmations, and goal-setting worksheets- always seem to fall by the wayside.  

The 30x30 challenge is the ultimate program for taking control of your life because it trains all the components of you- the mind, body, and emotion. By choosing the right habits, the right lessons, and the right sequence, the 30x30 challenge offers the most powerful self-development dose possible in a 30-minute window. Each day you’ll get exercise, illuminating education, gratitude and meditation delivered in an easy to follow progressive manner. There is NO equipment needed. You just need an internet connection.

If You Sign-up on September 15th, You’ll Also get Access to a Weekly Webinar with Justin and Shane.


Community and Challenge

The real challenge of this program comes in the commitment to consistency. You can make grand leaps by consistently showing up for 30 minutes a day. And one of the best methods to help you remain consistent is social support.

For that reason, we hope you’ll encourage your friends to do the program along with you. Not only will this hold you accountable, but it gives you a community to converse with about this experience, particularly as the program dives deeper into an exploration of what it takes to build an awesome life in the 21st century.

The 30x30 will challenge you to see the world differently and you’ll be happy to have people to talk to about it as you progress. We will be assisting in this as well.

Justin and Shane will be hosting a weekly 30-minute live call to field questions and connect.

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A program you will want to revisit for years to come…

Get the training that easily applies to your busy life.

Frequently Asked questions

What do I need to be able to do the 30x30 Challenge?

You will need an internet connection to access the daily video program and an email where we can send you the 30x30 program workbook. That is it!

Each day you’ll just login and follow along. As long as there is a little bit of room you’ll be able to do the program in any office, kitchen, living room, or bedroom.

Can I sign-up after September 15th?

Absolutely! Justin and I will be offering a weekly webinar on September 22nd and the following three Sundays, so the advantage of signing up on the 15th is that you will get access to these and you’ll be caught up with the larger group that begins on the 15th.

Does the 30x30 have to be done in the morning?

Nope! It is the ultimate morning routine to supercharge your days. By doing this program every morning you prompt a positive ripple effect throughout the day and you take advantage of the consistency available in the morning. Having said that, the program fits great at any point throughout the day. The consistency of these core habits is the most important part. Each day builds on the last creating a powerful cumulative effect.

Is 30-minutes a day going to be effective?

Lasting improvement isn’t about stringing together a few extreme efforts. It is about creating habits that spur real growth. You want to wake up and initiate a sequence of inspired living that honors the need for development in the body, mind, and emotion. You can always go deeper into any one practice on a specific day, but the power of habit dictates that you’ll be more effective in the long run by committing to daily small doses of training in a coordinated mental, physical, and emotional training program. Because of the power of momentum, this small commitment tends to radically change behaviors throughout the rest of the day.

What if I already exercise, meditate, etc.?

Even if you have mastered physical exercise or a meditation practice, the 30x30 offers the perfect combination of our three core habits to orient your day towards inspired living while progressing through a perception-shifting educational experience.

  • For the fitness enthusiast our exercise portion won’t be extreme, but it will be a perfect way to start your day and introduce new concepts that stretch your current experience set. You’ll be primed and even more energized for a lengthier workout later in the day. 

  • For the seasoned meditator, our meditation practice can’t deliver the benefits that follow consistent lengthier efforts, yet combined with the other practices, it makes a far more dynamic, balanced entry into the day that can be extended at any point. 

  • Our comprehensive approach is perfect for revealing small gaps that will help you mature all your other practices. 

Does the 30x30 need to be done in 30 consecutive days?

It is certainly the best way to do this program. That is the challenge- to do 30 straight days. It will change you for the better. Habits are built through consistency. Taking days off in the middle of the program will make it less likely for you to finish and may disrupt your momentum. Having said that life is chaotic and the most important thing is a commitment to finish.