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We write and produce inspired lifestyle courses to promote an uncommon path of creativity, strength, and purpose in the pursuit of a meaningful life. We challenge the cultural norms entrenching human degradation and limited living, while striving towards truth and the principles of human thriving.

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You have one life. Are you satisfied with this path? Fulfillment requires clarity and direction. You are capable of tremendous impact. Your best life is within reach. Act.

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Who Dares, Wins.
— British S.A.S. Motto
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The IHD Course Difference

  • Course offerings targeting the essential few lessons that magnify efforts and foster fulfillment
  • Experiential learning activities to create personalized, actionable 
  • Courses rooted in the principles of sustainability and the science of successful change
  • A community of support to promote decisions outside the standard model of limited living
  • The tools for self-confidence, self-control, and a flexible mind that perceives opportunity
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“Working with Shane has been an extremely gratifying experience.  He has a passion for personal growth and development and has selflessly shared his wealth of knowledge with me to help develop daily healthy habits that have vastly improved my physical, mental, and emotional well-being.  He is a phenomenal mentor and clearly wants nothing more than to improve the lives of those around him.  The World needs more people like Shane.”

— Jason Mattis


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